Leaders in the Flower Market since 1997

Preserved roses are also known as eternal rosesforever roses, everlasting roses or stabilized roses on international markets.

We are the biggest producers of preserved roses in the world. You can find us in Ecuador at 2800 meters above sea level, where the most beautiful roses grow.

We grow and process RoseAmor preserved roses ourselves, which guarantees premium quality floral products for consumers across the world.

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Leaders in the Flower Market since 1997

Roses grown in an exotic environment located 2800 meters above sea level and traversed by the Equatorial Line.

Being owners of the plantation and production plant owners, we guarantee the incomparable quality of our roses by controlling the entire production chain.

We are the biggest producers and manufacturers in the world, we can satisfy any desire our customers may have.

About us


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Roses that last forever, like the feelings and memories.

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