Common care

Does my RoseAmor preserved rose need water?
No, your RoseAmor preserved rose doesn't need any water or humidity to keep its shine and beauty. Avoid humid enviroments.
What happens if my RoseAmor preserved rose is exposed to direct sunlight ?
Direct sunlight will cause the color on your preserved rose to fade. DO NOT expose it directly to sunlight.
What about keeping my RoseAmor preserved rose near an artifical light source? Will my preserved rose take any damage from this?
As with most plants, keeping your preserved rose too near an artifical light source can cause damage. The heat of the light can cause the dye to melt and the petals to burn. Make sure you do not keep your preserved rose too near hot light sources.
Is my RoseAmor preserved rose edible?
RoseAmor preserved roses are manufactured with clean, high quality products. However, this is NOT an edible product. Do not consume your RoseAmor preserved rose orally.
Does my Roseamor preserved rose contain any toxic products ?
Our roses are manufactured with the highest enviromental standards. We believe in our commitment with our planet and as such we only use high quality products in our process. RoseAmor roses are processed with non-toxic and non-polluting products.
My Roseamor preserved rose became dry and brittle, why has this happened?
Preserved roses tend to become dry and brittle in dry enviroments. Heat radiation systems and hot & dry winds will dehydrate your RoseAmor preserved rose.
How long will my RoseAmor preserved rose last?
As long as you follow all instructions above, your rose will last up to 3 years.
I suffer from pollen allergy, is my roseAmor preserved rose going to make me symptomatic of my allergy?
After the preservation process is over, roses no longer carry any pollen in them. RoseAmor preserved roses are safe for people who suffer from pollen allergies.
When I touch my Roseamor preserved rose, the color remains in my finger tips. Is this normal?
Having coloration on your fingers and hands after handling your preserved rose is completely normal. Don't worry though, our dyes are safe and not toxic. Your rose won't lose its color as a result from handling it. If coloration in your skin occurs, wash your hands properly with water and soap and the dye will go away.

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