Garden Roses are ideal for summer-inspired arrangements or to take creativity to the next level with surprising and exotic arrangements. Our top quality preserved Garden Roses are fun! You can find them in most of our colors and designs.

Add to your creations a touch of elegance with our peonies so your bouquets, topiaries and floral arrangements can be shown at the most distinguished events. 100% natural productnon-toxic – will last up to 2 years.

Amelia-Pur-02-Frontal-1Amelia Pur 02 Lateral Transparente


Height: 2 cm | Diameter: 4 cm

Carmen-Pin-05-FrontalCarmen Pin 05 Lateral Transparente


Height: 3.5 cm | Diameter: 6 cm

CARMEN XXLCarmen XXL Red 01 Lateral Transparente

Carmen XXL

Height: 4 cm | Diameter: 9 cm

kabukyza-Red-02-Frontalkabukyza Red 02 Lateral Transparente


Height: 3.2 cm | Diameter: 6 cm

Niki-Red-02-FrontalNiki Red 02 Lateral Sin Fondo


Height: 4 cm | Diameter: 5 cm

Niki XXL Pin 02 Frontal TransparenteNiki XXL Pin 02 Lateral Transperente

Niki XXL

Height: 5.5 cm | Diameter: 9 cm